• <p>OEM/ODM Service</p>

    OEM/ODM Service

    Customized design according to the sex quality of different industries

  • <p>Selected Materials<br></p>

    Selected Materials

    Use health and safety materials to ensure that pets are not endangered by poisons

  • <p>Best Price<br></p>

    Best Price

    Committed to providing every customer with valuable products that are below the market price.

  • <p>Good After-sale</p>

    Good After-sale

    With a high quality after sales team24- houronline protection of yourights and interests


Planning & Development

We will develop a design according to your intention to use of the product, product concept, targeting market, etc. We welcome the messages like, a product with this and that specification/design is under consideration.


Pre-production Sample

We will make pre-production samples based on your needs. It will take 30 days from purchasing materials until outputting pre-production samples.


Sample Confirmation

We can send samples to you, if required, for confirming whether the further modification is needed in terms of the materials, specification, performance, etc.


Mass Production

After the final confirmation of the sample, we will manufacture the product under the strict control of process and quality. A variety of product inspections will be implemented at the mass production line."


Quality Inspection

The finished products have to go through the last round quality check.



We deliver the product after the product inspections are cleared. The packing method and delivery destination of the product will be discussed and agreed.


We have a large warehouse for storing raw material, we have the enough quantity of the raw material in our factory, so our prices won’t change frequently.

  • NO.1 Product Research
    NO.1 Product Research
    Excellent design is the first step to a competitive product.Our designers are dedicated to make better pet products.
  • NO.2 Mould Making
    NO.2 Mould Making
    High quality moulds are the soul of the high quality products. We have a workshop which used for making moulds.
  • NO.3 Raw Material Workshop
    NO.3 Raw Material Workshop
    We have a large warehouse for storing raw material, we have the enough quantity of the raw material in our factory, so our prices won`t change frequently.
  • NO.4 Colors Modulation
    NO.4 Colors Modulation
    We research nice and popular colors to apply to our products ,it will help our customers win the market easiler.
  • NO.5 Automatic Injection Machines
    NO.5 Automatic Injection Machines
    We will put the raw material and pigment in the machines, then set up the machines, they will start working automatically. We have many automatic injection machines, so we have strong supply capacity.
  • NO.6 Assemby Workshop
    NO.6 Assemby Workshop
    For some products composed of multiple parts, we need to assemble the parts together, then they can be compelete products.
  • NO.7 Logo Printing
    NO.7 Logo Printing
    We have own machines for printing logo, so it will be easily for us to print logo for our customers, and it will be much easier to control the quality of printing.
  • NO.8 Custom Packaging
    NO.8 Custom Packaging
    If our customers have the requirments for the packagings, we can make by ourselves like boxes, bags, hangtags and so on. In this way, the products will be more competitive in our customers' market.
  • NO.9 Quality Inspection
    NO.9 Quality Inspection
    When the products finished, we need to check the quality (including the printing), to make sure our customers get the best products.
  • NO.10 Packing Workshop
    NO.10 Packing Workshop
    After confirming that everything is good, we will start packing the products. If customers need custom packagings, we can make any kinds of packagings.
  • NO.11 Shipment
    NO.11 Shipment
    We work with many shipping companies for many years,no matter big or small orders ,we can help our customers choose the best shipping way.


We have many injection molding machines, so we have a strong supply capacity, and our delivery time is also not very long. 

  • Products Design
    Products Design
  • Custom Logo
    Custom Logo
  • Custom Packaging
    Custom Packaging
  • Custom Colors
    Custom Colors


Our company is a premier manufacturer of lighting system recoginzed by the customers worldwide. If you have a project then please get in touch and we can discuss your requirements and needs.  View more cases we have accomplished to learn more details of our services

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